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Interview with CAP’s Office Manager

Rocky Mountains

This blog showcases the results of our “interview with the Office Manager.”

This is part of a very short series on “interviews” with various staff members. Recently you got to know our new Accounting Clerk. Here is some information on our Office Manager:

CAP Management’s Office Manager (OM) has been with the company for about four years. He knew the company President socially, and through casual discussion, it was revealed that he was looking for work in such a position. He joined the team not long after that talk. Today, what the OM likes best about managing the busy office is his ability to help many people, all of whom have varying needs. Mostly, it is new homeowners and others that are struggling with homeownership that need the most help. In addition, industry professionals often rely on the assistance of our OM for their daily work needs. While helping others leaves him satisfied, the OM finds himself dissatisfied in that it is seemingly never-ending. He often feels that his work is never complete and may never be so. Alas, that busyness is what ‘comes with the territory’ sort-of-speak, and he is happy to come to work each day. In fact, having this position to come to each day – even after a week or two off, and without fear that the position will be gone – is what he likes most about his job. It’s a good thing that CAP staff members get four weeks of paid vacation. It allows for a work-life balance and for the refreshment of one’s mind, body, and soul, making the tough workload manageable. It is what our OM likes best about working for CAP Management. What he dislikes the most is when some of the people he is trying to help are angry and conduct themselves in a rude and/or uncooperative manner. The OM still gives these customers the benefit of the doubt, however, knowing that buying a new home can be stressful.

When asked what he would do if his position were suddenly eliminated, the OM, who does not feel like it would be, did say that he would like to return to the field of graphic design. This is, after all, his lifelong passion, was what he went to school for, and was his line of work prior to joining CAP Management. The skills obtained during his time as a graphic designer are still applicable today. For CAP Management, the OM designs business cards, nametags, marketing materials, and some stationery.

In addition to retaining skills from previous positions and life experiences, working for CAP continues to expand the OM’s skillset. Professional development is encouraged by the offering of special classes and seminars, lunch-and-learns, networking events and conferences. Technical software programs also strengthen computer-related skills.

When asked if he is optimistic about the company’s future, the OM stated that he is. CAP Management has a strong clientele that continues to grow. Economic factors are also favorable to the success of the company. Home sales are very strong in the Denver area at this time. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, and vacancies are remarkably low. It appears that the strength of the Denver real estate market will continue indefinitely. It is a good time to be in the HOA management industry!