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Looking forward into 2014

2014 promises to be a winning year for CAP Management with new initiatives and improving existing strengths.

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General Outlook:

In the first full business week of the year, CAP Management is looking forward into 2014: a year that we believe will be filled with success and that promises new opportunity.  We are positioned to achieve great things with a staff so much larger and stronger than this time last year.  In addition to the eight new staff members that joined the team in 2013, we already have our first new hire of 2014.  Trinity Gaddy has just joined the team this week to assist in property management functions.  We hope that the business volume causing this hiring will continue to increase so we may expand our services as to assist our communities in ever-evolving ways.  Below are the major initiatives we have planned for 2014.

HOA Rescue:

While living in metropolitan Denver is certainly the envy of many families elsewhere in the country, with our sunshine and culture and all, it is true that, like all cities, some properties are not in the best shape.  We aim to put our HOA rescue techniques to the test in 2014 by helping one Westminster community deal with major construction defect issues.  Like many Metro area communities, this HOA was built in the 1980s during the suburban construction boom of that decade.  Unfortunately it appears that it simply went up too quickly and now there is work to be done!  The CAP Management staff, in partnership with other industry professionals, will see that HOA through their reconstruction and assist the Board of Directors and other homeowners in securing financing for the project.  We will definitely be blogging about the project throughout the year, so be sure to visit frequently to keep up to date with our advancements.  While somewhat complicated, this is an exciting project!

New Handyman Services:

We have decided to introduce in early 2014 a new handyman service to support the needs of our homeowners.  We have found that using a hired contractor to remedy issues that unexpectedly spring up does not always completely meet the expectations of members of the communities we manage.  After all, CAP Management strives for and is known to deliver only the best management services. So, for small to-dos, such as leak repair, for example, you can directly contact CAP Management to have your specific issue resolved in a more timely and agreeable manner going forward.  As this business matures, we plan to create a spinoff company with its own name and identity, but still within the CAP Management umbrella.  This is very exciting for us and is proof that we are growing in very meaningful ways.


2013 was a great year for CAP Management in the area of sustainability.  If you recall, our work with one of our HOAs won that community the “HOA of the Year” award.  In 2014, we hope to expand and improve this wing of our business.  Similarly to our blossoming handyman service, our sustainability services (i.e. community gardens, xeriscaping, exterior and interior retrofitting for water and energy conservation, etc.) began as side project but has since developed into something very lucrative and highly beneficial to our communities. Our goal for 2014 is to double or triple the number of communities partnered with to improve their environmental footprint.

Lots of wonderful things in the pipeline for this year!! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (just search CAP Management) and on our website to discover the latest.  Thanks for following!