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No Stranger To HOA

If you’ve ever been a part of an HOA Board Meeting, you likely know the battles are so epic because the stakes are so low.  There’s a tendency to just do the meetings, the minutes, the inspections, scheduling the vendors, handling the maintenance, and action on band-aid fixes.  Even the most common upgrades can start a war.  What color to paint the main lobby?  The finalists are down to three shades of white: Biscotti, Aspen Snow, and Birch Bark.  But no one can agree and so a consensus will have to wait until the next meeting.

So what to do when the Board needs to meet about something dire like a new boiler?  The old one looks like a museum piece cast in rust with a panel of antique mercury switches and a monthly utility bill to match.  Walking into the boiler room, it’s evident that there isn’t anyone alive who knows what all the valves are for, the further you go back, the further the mystery.

There’s never been an HOA meeting where the minutes reveal there’s too much money and dues are going to be lowered.  Like energy and water, money is also a premium.  But between recent elevator renovations that already cost the building over $100,000 – the prospect of someone delivering a new boiler solution for absolutely nothing, let alone an energy-efficient solution, seems like someone else’s impossible privilege.  Besides, most HOA’s don’t like some no-cost strangers messing with their paint swatches let alone their heating system.

Chris Crigler of CAP Management wants to help and he’s no stranger to how HOA’s function.  Chris is interested in creating and cultivating stories of how homeonwers come together to save money for their communities.  His forward thinking approach is simple, create a green solution to assist underfunded building realize savings form doing the right thing by way of energy.  No money down.  No money lost.  The bigger and nastier the bill, the more money one of our custom solutions can save you.

  1. It start with by visiting with key folks who know the history and maintenance.  It never surprises us how useful a 30-minute conversation can be.  From there, a walkthrough of all common areas yield simple fixes that add up: light bulbs, window films.  At first is may seem like a flight of small steps, but that’s the kind of thinking it takes to save money.
  2. Our method is to audit the entire building.  Engineers take notes, pictures, and pay close attention to utility structures.  We look at master meters, gas, electric, water, sewer.
  3. We compile a report and present the scope of the project.  Upon getting a green light from the board, we’ll prepare attorney-reviewed documents, the final engineering plan, and all the drawings required.
  4. Fit the building into new energy-efficient equipment, by well-know companies, without out of pocket money.
  5. Provide an insurance contract to guarantee energy savings and differentiate us by actually providing a financing mechanism.  We establish what the payback timeframe is and calculate what your savings will be.
  6. The best part: the energy savings pay for the improvements.

The building will start to improve energy efficiency and realize savings the first month it’s complete and continue to save money through that lease period.  We can do this through an equipment lease, not a loan.  After we help you understand what the solution is, what the cost is, how it works, and what the savings are – we outline how long it takes to pay the lease off with your own savings.  At the end of the lease period you realize all the savings because you have no more lease payment obligations.  By design we’ve structured our solution thoughtfully and in the end your HOA board can take that additional savings and apply it to another budget allocation item for the future.  It’s your choice.

HOA Management in Denver

There are many buildings in Denver where the useful life of old equipment is coming due and the maintenance is depleting the HOA budget.  CAP Management is no stranger to environmental solutions.  We are people with shared interests in not only saving money but also helping HOA’s do the right thing by way of Colorado.  It takes forward-thinking people to understand your energy needs, the consumptions, the energy parties involved, and how they bill our communities.  There are a lot of nuances.  It can be complicated but we ‘re always able to help devise a plan.  We are not mechanical contractors that just sell.  We are solution people.  We’re HOA people. We speak HOA.