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Prepare Your HOA for Winter

Autumn Tree

With the onset of autumn clearly here, it is time to prepare your HOA for winter.

This blog looks at some things you might do to make sure your HOA is ready for that Colorado snow and cold.

It’s true: autumn is here. During these first several days of October 2015, the Front Range has been cloaked in fog and mist. Winter’s early breathe has rolled down from the mountains and into the city streets. As they do every year, the leaves are now beginning to crunch beneath our feet. For those that love the warmth of summer, this can be a time of reflection and acceptance. For those preferring winter recreation, this marks the beginning of the good times. What about for homeowners associations? The onset of autumn means it is time to prepare your HOA for cold and snow.

Preparing for winter usually isn’t a big to-do like preparing for a blizzard or hurricane is. But there are some things that can be done to make sure residents and their property remain safe. Here are some tips:


When the hot weather is gone, and there is less evaporation making landscaping less likely to dry up, it is time to winterize your sprinkler system. The beginning of October is the perfect time to shut it off, as natural cues prompt grass to go dormant and other plants to ready themselves for the cold. The changing colors of some shrubbery, for example, lets you know it’s ready. There is a chance that you may have to hand water during a warm spell, perhaps, but most likely that will be minimal – if needed at all – and sure beats frozen hardware!

Swamp coolers

Evaporative swamp coolers can be damaged by frozen water or even rust if they are not prepped for cold weather. To make them last longer and to reduce maintenance burdens once the thaw arrives, draining the cooler pan, changing the cooler pad, and covering the cooler are steps to take. October is a good time for that.


While a properly installed window should last a while, autumn is a good time to double-check their effectiveness. Perform a draft test by wetting your finger and moving it along the window area. Feel a draft? Depending on your governing docs, you may be able to insulate your windows with affordable shrink wrap to prevent heat from escaping. If you can do it, we hope you do. It’s a great way to save money and energy!


With the cooler weather comes all kinds of critters looking for warmth in your home – and without paying rent! While it can be tough (ethically or because they are escape artists) to remove pests, there are some things you can do to give them your message. For example, if you put steel wool in front of a known mouse hole, the taste the rodents get while trying to gnaw through it will do a great job at repelling them.

Hope these tips were insightful!