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Preparing your HOA landscape for Spring and Summer

Just two weeks ago, a mid-April blizzard swept through Colorado, bringing with it some late-winter weather along with one more snowday for Denver schools. This week, we’re enjoying sunny skies with temperatures forecasted to reach the mid 70’s this weekend. This can only mean one thing: Springtime has officially arrived!

As the grass regains its color and the gardening shed is opened for the season, here are 10 Springtime tasks that you and your landscape professional can complete to enhance the overall appearance of your HOA property:

  1. Clear debris
    • Much like your closet or pantry, your landscape can enjoy the benefits of a good Spring cleaning. Rake up the dead and fallen plant material that has accumulated over Winter to make room for the new growth that comes with the season.
  2. Address safety concerns
    • Check the property for broken tree limbs, raised sidewalks, or any drainage hazards. Springtime is the right time to address these issues before Summer rolls around.
  3. Aerate the turf grass
    • Aeration helps to break up turf thatch- a layer of dead grass that builds up in between the new grass and the surface of the soil. Aeration allows essential water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the root zone of the turf, supporting healthy growth throughout the Summer.

  4. Amend the soil
    • In the Front Range of Colorado, we have mostly clay-heavy soils, so amending with organic material (such as compost) can be an effective way to increase the viability of the landscape. Remember to always care for the underground ecosystem that supports all life above ground.
  5. Turn on and tune up the sprinklers
    • Turn on your irrigation system and inspect each zone for leaks, broken sprinkler heads, or overspray onto the street or sidewalk. Making a few minor adjustments early in the season can save hundreds of gallons of water throughout the Summer.
  6. Prepare for the first mowing
    • Check your lawn mower and weed trimmer to be sure your equipment is in good operating condition. Tuning up lawn care equipment before the first mowing day will certainly make this chore more enjoyable.
  7. Prepare for new plantings
    • An annual flower bed can provide the landscape with some much needed color. Prepping the soil and pulling weeds will ensure these new plantings will reach their full potential.

  8. Add mulch
    • Adding mulch to the landscape has many benefits. Mulch protects bare soil from direct sun, maintaining soil moisture and conserving water. Organic mulches (like wood chips) slowly break down, feeding the microbes and fungi in the soil. A fresh layer of mulch also makes your landscape look tidy and shows that it is well taken care of.
  9. Prioritize landscaping projects
    • If your landscape is in need of a larger overhaul in addition to weekly care, you may want to choose one or two projects to focus on for the season. For example, replacing all of the landscape edging might be a project that can’t be completed in one weekend, but rather something you work on steadily throughout the season.
  10. Get outside and enjoy!
    • Okay, we cheated on this one- but if you’ve made it this far, you deserve it. Before too long, the heat of summer will be upon us. Take some time to simply enjoy the pleasant days outside.

Let us know about your favorite Springtime tips for creating a beautiful landscape. And if you’re interested in learning more about Water Conservation in Landscapes, please reach our Sustainability Officer, Chris Marion, to learn how CAP Management can help your community.