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HOAs and Recycling

Recycling is one basic way that HOAs can reduce their carbon footprint and keep otherwise reusable materials out of landfills.  The CAP Management staff was recently invited to tour the Altogether Recycling facility to see what exactly happens to all of those newspapers and bottles that we put on the curb every week. Altogether, a subsidiary of Alpine Waste, is a single-stream recycling facility.  In single-stream recycling, all recyclables are mixed so that customers no longer need to separate glass, paper, and plastics like the old days.  We met with John Griffith, the president of Alpine Waste and Altogether. He and manager Bret Hildebrand gave us a tour of the site and showed us how the materials are separated and prepared for shipping.

To begin, the mixed material that comes in every day is loaded into a feeder that evenly distributes it onto a conveyor belt.  From there, it passes through several other machines that separate it into cardboard, paper, glass, and aluminum. Workers are staged along conveyor belts between machines to pull material that slipped through the previous stage. They work at a furious pace as the medley of paper and packaging rushes by. In the final stage, paper, cardboard, and aluminum that have been effectively separated are pressed and baled for shipping to customers in the Denver area and abroad. Seeing the intricate process in its entirety made quite an impression on us.

Altogether is committed to doing their part in creating a sustainable future for the planet by keeping recyclable material out of landfills. To show just how much of an impact HOAs and other clients can have, they’ve created an innovative report detailing how many trees, gallons of oil, gallons of water, kilowatts of electricity, and cubic yards of landfill were conserved in the previous month. In this way, customers are given the ability to measure the impact that their efforts have, and to track progress from month to month. Altogether is the only recycling company currently providing customers with this information.

As with our other sustainable initiatives, CAP is committed to a management strategy that helps HOAs find practical ways to reduce their impact on the environment. Contact to organize a recycling program for your HOA.