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Respectfully Enforcing Rules and Regulations


So a homeowner has finally settled in to her new home. The boxes are all unpacked, the moving trucks are headed out and, with a playful jingle of her keys, she decides to take a walk around her new neighborhood.

Birds are chirping, the sun is warm on her face and a light wind rustles through the trees. I just couldn’t have made a better life choice, she thinks to herself with a smile.

That’s when she comes across “That Neighbor.”

In a community where everyone’s houses are maintained and presentable, the very reason many move into and HOA in the first place, That Neighbor’s home is in disarray, with a clutter-filled yard, scattered pet waste, an oil-stained driveway, and a rotting fence.

Our new homeowner has called in sick to work, she heads back to bed, and That Neighbor’s dog barks nonstop for a half hour. Every hour.

On the eve of our new homeowner’s big client meeting, That Neighbor throws a massive party with thumping bass music until well after midnight.

Her street is a line of perfectly manicured lawns, but That Neighbor’s RV juts into the street.

HOAs and boards that don’t enforce their rules and regulations risk being full of “That Neighbor.”  HOAs have to walk a fine line between fairly enforcing the rules and regulations, and recognizing that owners should not feel they are being policed in their community and their home.

At CAP, we take a snapshot of the challenges facing the board and adapt our management framework to help out in the most efficient way possible. When it comes to violations, this means issuing mobile violations with an Ipad, which provide a timestamp, photograph, and geotag to every violation. This helps the owner committing the violation to know how to respond, and gives the board a record to refer to should they dispute the charge in a hearing. It’s a balancing act: make sure folks don’t feel they are being singled out while keeping the HOA between the lines.

This is an example of how we at CAP Management streamline HOA processes and take care of the hard stuff so the board can focus on the big picture. We’ll make sure everything goes smoother for you, take the burden off of your volunteer board so they can actually enjoy their community and, most important, make sure That Neighbor lives in someone else’s neighborhood.

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