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Quality Workmanship in Roofing

Roofs are among the most important component of any structure.  As they say, roofs are a basic part of human survival: food, water and shelter.  But what is to be done when it is discovered that the roof over your head is falling apart?

Occasionally, severe weather will strike and you and your neighbors will all be in the same roof-repair boat.  Insurance will usually cover these costs and, while certainly a headache, the issue will be resolved and you will all walk away with a more intact roof than you had to begin with.  Now consider a scenario where all of the roofs in your homeowner association are discovered to be falling apart but there was no major weather event.  The fair Colorado skies have been sunny as usual and there just isn’t an explanation.  It could very well be that the roofs were installed in an inadequate fashion by a team that was perhaps more worried about meeting quotas than the quality of their workmanship.  Regardless of their motives or lack thereof, poor roofing jobs leave the HOA to deal with replacement costs that are not, and should not, be expected.

When initiating a roof installation or replacement project, it is important to ensure that the company you select holds itself to the highest of standards.  However, it cannot be expected that every single roofing company is out to provide the highest possible quality job.  The Florida residents that lost entire communities to Hurricane Andrew in 1992 know the quantity-over-quality construction mindset all too well.  Additionally, it is not enough to expect that we can rely on hurried city or county officials to complete the most thorough of inspections during the busy summer months to ensure that the roofers did the best job.  At CAP Management, we only hire Master Elite Roofing Contractors.  This prestigious designation is only held by 3% of roofers in the United States.  This ensures that the roofing company and its employees work under the stringent oversight of the Building Materials Corporation of America (aka GAF), the contractor title designator, and only the highest-quality job will be performed.  When living in a HOA managed by CAP Management, you can rest easy knowing that your roof will not leak and remain intact through any normal use throughout the year.  After all, CAP Management is the management company you can trust for all of your HOA needs!