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In 2005, the Colorado state legislature passed Senate Bill 100 (SB100). Implementation is still ongoing across the state.

A brief introduction

When SB100 was passed (infamously) back in 2005, the rules of the HOA management game were changed. The passing of the law was not a bad thing. While it does create more work for the management companies and the Board of Directors for any HOA, because they have to reinvent some existing and write brand new policies to be compliant, unit owners can rely on the law for fair and predictable treatment and general consistency in association operations. Put another way, gone are the days of arbitrary and capricious treatment of unit owners by Board members. SB100 contains many requirements for almost all Colorado HOAs to adhere to (many time-share communities are exempted from much of the law). Generally, HOAs are required by SB100 to adopt numerous policies covering everything from xeriscaping to display of flags to conduct of Association meetings.

SB100 and CAP Management

With SB100 requiring the allowance of xeric landscaping, you know CAP Management is all over it! In all seriousness, while several of the laws do speak to our values as a forward-thinking management company, we have tasked ourselves with helping our associations become complaint with the law because it’s the responsible thing to do as managers. In fact, our in-house editor and community advocate is currently writing the policies for one of our smallest, and more recently developed, associations. When and if his understandings of the law and legal language are not enough to write a flawless policy, Alex promptly gets in contact with our attorneys for clarification and guidance. The combined effort produces policies that agreeable to the law, Board members and unit owners. If your association still does not have policies written, or you have any questions on SB100 otherwise, we can help! Give Alex a call at 303.832.2971 ext. 102 to discuss the matter. We’re happy to help.

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