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Stapleton – Another Great HOA in Colorado

Stapleton Rocks!

I had the opportunity to attend a free concert of the Colorado Symphony Orchertra Sunday night in Central Park at Stapleton.  I’m a Denver native and I kept thinging “where is Central Park?”  I was amazed.  We had a dinner party off of the park, the streets were tree lines, and the row houses very unique architecturally.  We walked to Central Park, and it was bordered by the old control tower on one side, and then it gave the impression that you were walking down a long runway into the park.

The grass was lush and green, the acoustics great, and all the little kids were really getting into the music.  Dancing around like little kids do!  Stapleton is completing a 50,000 square foot recreation center including an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Anyone looking for a nice neighborhood should check out Stapleton.  You will be amazed…..

Chris Crigler, President