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Sustainability Season

Pine Forest In Estonia

The beginning of April marks the start of ‘sustainability season’ at CAP Management.

Here is a look into what environmental sustainability projects CAP Management will be engaged in this summer and where:

Strawberry I at Heatherridge:

We return to the ‘Strawberry’ association in Aurora for a second round of retrofitting work in 2014. While their community garden was built last year and is currently well off, there are still plenty of oversized 5-gallon-per-flush (gpf) toilets to replace. Last year we encountered great success in replacing such toilets with 0.8gpf ultra-high-efficiency models. We’ll be doing the exactly the same this year for a whole new set of homeowners. Through a partnership with Aurora Water, this interior retrofitting will have the Association saving even more money and natural resource in the most affordable way. We are looking forward to this important second phase of the sweeping toilet replacement initiative.

We are also looking, with the help of rebates from Aurora Water, to xeriscape even more areas of the property. Last year we converted significant areas of turf grass to attractive, hardy and drought tolerant landscaping to further increase water savings and increase the aesthetic appeal of Association grounds.

Shadow Wood:

Shadow Wood is one of our newest (and largest!) homeowners associations and we are so pleased with they will be an integral part of our 2014 sustainability season. The work to be done at this Denver HOA will be similar to that which was experienced by the Strawberry association. Built at a similar time and in a comparable fashion, Shadow Wood will be hauling out its old high-water-volume toilets and replacing them with the ultra-high-efficiency models. This equates to many thousands of dollars saved in water costs annually! Additionally, the Association is highly interested in building a community garden on their property. Because the community is so diverse and contains a mix of resident income levels, a communal garden with fresh fruits and vegetables to be consumed and enjoyed by any and all community members is of particular value.

The 2014 sustainability season looks like it will be filled with lots of great achievements and community building. Because of our experiences with our pilot program last year, there will likely be few problems that arise along the way. If you have any questions or comments on CAP Management’s sustainability offerings please call Chief Sustainability Officer Alex Bergeron at 303.832.2971 ext. 102.