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Sustainable HOA in Focus: S*Park (Formerly Sustainability Park) in Five Points / River North, Denver

Sustainability Park is a flagship association in Denver that represents a realization of sustainability concepts in HOAs in Denver and beyond. The association, conceptualized and developed by Westfield Company of Colorado, boasts a range of sustainable living features and concepts that benefit the owners, the physical property, and the neighborhood it inhabits in the Denver Metro. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting community, one which represents the best of what HOAs have to offer residents and the community at large.

Located in RiNo / Five Points, you may know the building by the striking 7,000 square-foot rooftop greenhouse that dominates the southwest corner, or by a well-known tenant: the critically acclaimed Japanese restaurant Uchi, whose notable chefs use produce grown in that same greenhouse in award winning dishes. You may also remember the 2.7 acres the property sits on was, from 2012 to 2018, part of a Colorado Renewable Energy Society project.

This Denver HOA truly lives up to its name. Why? To answer that, we need to review what sustainability in an HOA really means, and what it means to be a sustainable HOA in Denver specifically. “Sustainability” is a broad term, and its definition depends on what is being discussed. For many, sustainability equates to environmental conservation – EV charging stations, community gardens, solar energy, water-wise elements, xeriscaping, efficient appliances and fixtures. S*Park has all of these incorporated into its unique design, and much more besides.

But sustainability goes beyond the physical structure and grounds at S*Park. Thanks to an active board, engaged residents, and collaborative commercial tenants, the association embodies sustainability in its operations and decision making. Sustainability in HOAs also means resiliency, predictability, and long-term viability, another area where this association excels. Sustainability in an HOA considers three key factors: community wellness and togetherness, financial stability, and environmental conservation. These three factors make up what many professionals term the “Triple Bottom Line” of sustainability. This is a concept that spans industries globally – sometimes termed “people, profits, planet” or “community, financials, environment.”

Here are a few ways the community considers these factors to become an standout example of a truly sustainable Denver Homeowner Association:


  • Owners in S*Park have access to an outdoor community garden (not to be confused by the rooftop greenhouse), and the produce it generates. It is currently tended by residents.
  • Altius Farms operates the rooftop greenhouse, and Uchi is one of their customers.
  • The development was planned as a “car free” concept in that vehicles are parked underground, essentially hidden, in order to focus on pedestrianism and greenspace.
  • Some building materials were second-use and sourced locally – namely salvage brick sourced from demolished Denver buildings. 
  • Greenspace: within the property, a greenspace provides a warm and calming environment to engage with neighbors and enjoy the psychological benefits of natural space.


  • The list of sustainable elements is long and best outlined here by Tres Birds. A few examples include:
  • Retention ponds within the greenspace captures stormwater.
  • A massive second-story greenhouse operation which utilizes natural light for efficient growing, accessible to businesses throughout the Denver Metro.
  • A solar array on the building’s rooftop.
  • Sustainable designs which limit the loss of heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, reducing energy consumption.


  • The community operates with financial integrity with a board of directors who are deliberate with budgeting and financial planning.

We’re proud to partner with this exciting, unique, and visionary community, and look forward to serving more associations with an eye on sustainability, resiliency, and predictability in Denver and Colorado at large.

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