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Sustainable HOA Management Solutions

Sustainable HOA Management Solutions

As the Community Advocate for CAP Management, I look forward to providing
excellent service for the properties I manage in every capacity. This includes offering services that help communities become more sustainable. CAP Management is partnering with Local Innovations, a community planning firm, to develop a Sustainable Community Plan that is adaptable to individual HOAs in order to decrease their environmental impact and increase their marketability. This will be the first in a series of blog posts examining sustainable practices available to HOAs.

What is sustainability and why is it important for HOAs?

“Sustainable development was defined by the Bruntland Commission and the United Nations in 1987 as “meet(ing) the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

In effect, it is the concept of changing consumption patterns to reduce the impact that humans have on the earth and its resources. Consumers are expressing increased interest in sustainable practices, from buying organically grown food to utilizing alternative transportation options and reducing water usage.

The Millennial generation, defined as those born from 1980 to 1995, places particularly high value on sustainable practices. And as the second largest generation ever born in the U.S., their values increasingly matter. In a recent article from Forbes, young author, Lisa Curtis, says that her generation is looking for a “life guided by a holistic focus on well being, community and sustainability.”

Similarly, a Wall Street Journal article reporting on the National Association of Homebuilders conference last year quoted real estate advisor Melina Duggal saying (regarding the Millennials), “One-third are willing to pay for the ability to walk. They don’t want to be in a cookie-cutter type of development. …The suburbs will need to evolve to be attractive to Gen Y.”

Urban HOAs are fortunate in that they already offer many of the amenities sought by Millennials, such as close proximity to shopping, dining, and work, but there are additional steps they can take to increase competitiveness.

Suburban HOAs present a different set of challenges, but they too can make available many sustainable programs and amenities that increase their marketability to renters and homeowners alike.

CAP Management is looking for HOAs who seek to stand out in our dynamic housing market by adopting a custom-tailored Sustainable Community Plan.

Upcoming blog posts in this series will highlight components that we are examining in the development of our Sustainable Community Plan such as Connecting to Food, Increasing Walkability, Green Energy Practices, Waste Prevention and Recycling, Commuting Options, and Water Use.

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