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How to Switch HOA Management Companies

Time to switch HOA management companies?  We make it easy!

We’ve been speaking with several HOAs who have asked us how they can ditch their old management company and make the switch. It’s simple.

A HOA’s contract with its management company has a cancellation clause. Usually it is 30 or 60 days notice. All you have do to is send them an email, saying thank you for all your hard work but at this time we are moving in a different direction and are cancelling our contract effective such and such a date.

Then we make it easy for you. We will need at least 3 weeks to hit the ground running. We have a checklist of all items you will need that boil down to three things.

  1. A list of homeowners and their onsite and offsite addresses, with email if they have it with the dollar amount of dues each unit pays.
  2. A list of Board Members, when their term expires, and their contact information.
  3. Finally a list of all your vendors so that we can make sure no bills get dropped.

It is that simple. If you can give us this information, we can get started.

After that we will send each homeowner a coupon book so they can make payments. We will contact all of your vendors to make sure they know where to send the bills, and we will set up a meeting with the Board to hammer out any final details before informing the homeowners of the switch.

We want to make this easy for you, with the minimum amount of drama. Need HOA help? That’s what we do…