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The Art of HOA Naming

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HOA naming is truly an art.

What name might sell the best? Does it reflect the culture the developers wants to establish? Is it too tacky? Too pretentious? Not pretentious enough? These questions are understandable as the name of any given HOA is a major part of its marketing strategy.

Let’s look at some of CAP Management’s HOAs as examples. “The Terrace at Green Mountain.” Well, that seems very straightforward and appeals directly to those that want to live at or near the Jefferson County landmark. How about “Cobblestone” and “Homestead?” These names allow one to think back to wholesome, potentially more easy-going times. Some of the most common names, it may seem, come from landscape or English origins.

English names for HOAs (as in United Kingdom English) seem to exist in every city and town. Professionals in the HOA management industry must know of at least one HOA with English roots. CAP Management currently manages several, including Steppington Place, as an example. English names invoke a sense of both heritage and prestige. Just think about it: Sherwood Gate, Cambridge Gardens, and Windsor Hills. How do these names make you feel? The same could be said for French or Italian names. These types of names could be called ‘imaginative’ names as there is not necessarily a connection between Europe and these newly constructed properties, relatively speaking.

Names that represent wild and open spaces are also tremendously popular; especially in Colorado. These are oftentimes ‘associative’ names, because they are associated with the outdoors – those of Colorado or elsewhere. At CAP Management, we have Shadow Wood as one of our favorite HOAs. To reside in a shady forest…an attractive name! Consider Cottonwood Grove, Columbine Canyon, and The Promenade at Granite Falls. Who doesn’t want to live near nature, or at the very least, be reminded of its glory daily? We sure do!

Some names, such as Pool Club and Solar Six, speak to amenities or special qualities offered. Other naming strategies are less obvious. Who thought Electric Highway Park was a good choice? Some just seem random, like Halifax Crest. Of course, it’s of value to be unique with your HOA naming. We don’t need another Elm Place or Oak Park.

At any rate, a well calculated naming of a new HOA can certainly begin to sell homes even before they are finished. What do you think? Do you have any favorite HOA names or names you would like to see? ‘Like’ us on Facebook and post to our wall to let us and our followers know what you think.