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The Benefits of Being Located Downtown

Denver Skyline
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There are many benefits to having your office located downtown. This blog describes why CAP Management employees are so happy having their home base in Denver’s Central Business District.

Access and Transportation

CAP Management has its office at Champa Square, located at Champa Street and the 16th Street Mall in the heart of Downtown Denver. This puts us right in the middle of the metro area. From Aurora to Lakewood, and from Thornton to Parker, the HOAs we manage are located throughout greater Denver, so our central location supports our wish to serve them all the best we can.

Because of our central location, it is easy to get to meetings, attend to emergencies and other business in a timely manner. Many of us can even bike to our central Denver properties from our office in 30 minutes or less. Our location in the heart of Denver also lends itself to a variety of transportation options. From our office, we can walk to several light rail stations (the closest being one block away), hop directly onto the city’s network of bike lanes and bike paths (such as the bicycle super highway known as the Cherry Creek Trail), and walk steps to plentiful parking opportunities found in the numerous Downtown parking structures. Unlike our competitors, who our often stuck in automobile traffic somewhere in suburbia, we can get to your HOA as needed and very quickly – whether it be by car, bike or RTD light rail.

Cuisine and Meeting Venues

One thing that we really like about being downtown is close proximity to A LOT of good food. Whether it is related to our weekly staff meeting or business and personal lunches on the other weekdays, we enjoy some of the best food the Denver area has to offer. There is Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Peruvian, Classic and Modern American, German, Italian and standard lunch cuisines all within a block or two of our office. We think this beats the chain restaurants and fast food options that you get near suburban office parks! We love it, our clients love it, and it truly makes our office staff stay happy and healthy. The best part is these restaurants and the huge selection of cafés nearby make for great meeting spots!


It’s more than just food and walkability that keeps CAP’s employee’s spirits up. The simple vibrancy of being located in the downtown of a major city is reason enough to be located here. Amongst the skyscrapers at ground level is a streetscape of diverse businesses, pleasant outdoor plazas and park space, a variety of vendors, and an eclectic population. As they say, “it’s the little things.” Simply taking a 10-minute break outside of our office building and taking it all in leaves us recharged and ready to return to our desks tackle the tough stuff even on the most difficult days. It’s great. We love it.

Come pay us a visit. We’re at 910 16th Street. Our convenient location will make it easy for you to find us and we’re sure you’ll enjoy yourself. And as always, thanks for reading!