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Why the Broncos Deserve to Win the Super Bowl

Colorado football fans are thrilled to have their team be playing at the upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII.

The Denver Broncos not only can win the game, but they should.

Super Bowl XLVIII Logo

After a great regular season and after proving their strength by ending the postseason as the AFC champions, the Denver Broncos are off to the Super Bowl and they deserve to win that game. Of course, the Broncos have the physical capability of besting the Seattle Seahawks. With Peyton Manning and his “Omahas,” they also have the know-how. Broncos fans are thrilled that their team has made it this far, and it is for these fans and all Colorado residents that the Broncos deserve the trophy.

The past year has been a tough one for Coloradoans. 2013 saw the Black Forest fire; the most destructive in state history. It also saw in September catastrophic flooding during which the city of Boulder broke its all-time record for annual rainfall – in one sitting. These natural disasters come on the heels of the devastating drought and wildfires experienced across the state in 2012. Additionally, this past year opened sensitive wounds for Coloradoans with the realization that another school shooting had taken place in the southern suburbs of Denver. Through all the pain and hardship, the Broncos advancing to the Super Bowl has an uplifting effect on the Colorado populous, as fleeting and frivolous as that might seem in the larger scope of things.

Coloradoans are a good people and, as so recently proven, are a strong people. They deserve that credit on a national scale. Too often, as of late, has the state been featured in national and international news for the horrific things they have endured. While it is true that we have been a center of media attention for our pioneering new laws and regulations, we’ll say, the general public should know too that in addition to a thriving new industry, Denver and all of Colorado has the best darn football team in the country. So I say, let the media focus on Denver once again as the champions of Super Bowl XLVIII.  We deserve it – and the rest of the country would be happy to see us enjoy it. The game airs Sunday, February 2, 2014 on Fox. Go Broncos!