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Welcoming Amber to CAP Management

Amber Qalagari

This month we are welcoming Amber Qalagari to CAP Management. She is our new Accounting Clerk! Here is a bit of info about her.


Amber grew up on the East Coast, but refers to New York City as home. That was until she moved to Denver in August 2015. She moved to expand her professional horizons, and to get closer to the rejuvenating benefits of the natural environment (which largely seems to be missing in Manhattan). Before the move, she worked in New York as a production assistant for MTV, VH1, and Fox News. These gigs followed her academic career at Hofstra University, where she obtained a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Why CAP?

With such an impressive broadcast journalism background, you may wonder why she chose to join CAP’s HOA management team. Surprisingly, the differences between her previous experiences and what she is doing now are not as different as you might think. A big part of production management is accounting, and in that area is where Amber excelled. From budget oversight to invoice processing, Amber’s skills have integrated nicely into what our HOAs need to keep their financials in order. In addition, Amber has much experience with QuickBooks and other software that we use on a daily basis.

Fun Facts

  • Amber is a talented musician. She played the piano for 11 years growing up, and continues to do so on and off. She is also proficient at the acoustic guitar and the ukulele. Can’t wait to hear what she’s got! Maybe she can collaborate with property manager Jonathan Cole and Vice President of Operations Frank Cole, who both play in a band.
  • Amber is a lover of the French language. She earned a minor in the subject at Hofstra, and actually went as far as working in France as the social media manager for a French band named Cherokill.
  • Our new Accounting Clerk has played sports for the majority of her life, with soccer and volleyball being her primary interests. Those sports have left her with a little knee damage, but nonetheless she is excited to begin hiking Colorado’s high country.
  • Amber is a freelance writer, currently writing for the Cheat Sheet. She focuses on tech news for that website.
  • She hasn’t strayed too far from her roots, as she is currently working on a documentary to be featured at the Sundance Festival. It is on Olympia Dukakis, an actress and LGBT rights activist.

Welcome to the team, Amber! We’re happy to have you.