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What We’ve Been Up To

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted a blog in a few weeks. Why? It’s because we have been so very busy! The following are some highlights of CAP Management happenings as of late.

CINC Systems: let’s start here. As we were anticipating for a while, April 1, 2016 was the “go live” date for our new property management software. This means that our financial management operations, covenant enforcement, and other duties are now performed from on online database allowing us to manage not just from the office but ‘on the go’ as well, among other benefits. The transition from TOPS to CINC did provide us with the time consuming task of data verification and manually entering some written content. This is good because it permits us to be as close to error free as possible, but is also keeping three staff members very busy! Essentially, this commitment has made blogging hard to fit in. Sorry about that!

In other news, we have welcomed two top-notch HOAs to the CAP Management family over the past couple of weeks: Village of Five Parks Master Association and Broadway Ramparts. The previous management companies have been exceptionally helpful during the transition and they will be our first two HOAs managed from an online-only platform. This is exciting! It will be great to see what our new software can do for them.

Staff wise, we have welcomed Jonathan Ellsworth into the Accounting Department. He is your new Accounts Payable liaison. He started as temporary help to assist in the software transition, referred through our relationship with the University of Colorado Denver Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program, and was just too good of a worker to not keep him around.

Finally, CAP Management President Chris Crigler has returned from his month-long trip to Budapest, Hungary. Lucky him…he got to miss out on all of the technicalities relates to that software transition! Good thing he has such a dedicated, competent team which got the job done in his absence (we are still very glad to have him back, though).

Thanks for reading…we will try to get blogs posted more regularly once the transition is complete and as time allows. Wishing you all a marvelous start to summer 2016!!