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Winterize and Keep Track of Your Water!

Here in Colorado, we never know what kind of winter we will have, but we know we will always have cold, always have snow, if not today, maybe next week. Just as our winters hold surprises, so does the new year. And, as freshly fallen snow, this unmarked year gives us an opportunity to create a new path. Here are two stories and five questions and tips to help you to keep moving forward this year:

Last year we had a long time customer call us. He told us he knew his neighbor was on vacation and he was noticing a significant amount of ice on the driveway from the garage. Sure enough, the neighbor had a pipe burst from the cold. The do-good customer was able to turn off his neighbor’s water at the shut off valve in the basement.

We performed work for an elderly couple who were not able to use stairs and therefore didn’t recognize they were having a sewer back up until the sewage smell became unbearable. Upon arrival, we discovered several inches of water and sewage that had damaged some WWII memorabilia in their basement.

Do you know where your water shut off is? Would others?

Do you ever let your house sit vacant?

Do you periodically check your basement for possible water damage? Do you know an elderly person who might need help with this?


Clearly mark both your sprinkler and main shut off valves with a bright ribbon or water proof tag.

Only run washing machines, sprinklers and dishwashers when someone is home.

Make sure you have someone checking on your house when you travel.

Winterize and properly insulate any property you don’t occupy in the winter months.

After heavy rains and once a month, check your basement for any signs of a leaking water heater, furnace, pipe leaks or back-ups, window well damage, foundation movement or other water damage. Consider placing a water alarm*, or a few, that can alert you in the case of moisture where you don’t want it.

*For more information, tips or questions, give us a call or visit us online.