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Working For CAP Management

My name is Alex Bergeron. I began working for CAP Management just last week, during the middle of January 2013. I joined the team with the expectation of working on projects related to Federal Housing Administration (FHA) certification, taking a leading role in the community planning activities of the associated firm Local Innovations, LLC and a variety of other Homeowner Association (HOA) management duties. As I began my regular work schedule, I realized that there would be a number of additional tasks that I would need to complete on a near-daily basis to help keep the company running at its optimum. I very much enjoy variety during the work day and am pleased to find that there would always be something to keep me on my toes and engaged with my colleagues.

The company certainly has a tight-knit team atmosphere. Unlike larger corporations, this smaller operation relies on continuous teamwork and the constant input of all members to remain highly efficient. Fortunately, all company employees are very approachable and willing to provide direction or other assistance whenever asked.  All are friendly, outgoing and with good sense of humor, which creates an enjoyable work environment conducive to great productivity. Additionally, company President Chris Crigler has proven himself to be a reliable advocate for the success of all his employees.  Strong leadership and a welcoming, even sociable, environment really have left me feeling that I fit in just fine and will enjoy coming to work each day. I am looking forward to the challenges and accomplishments that will surely become evident during the months to come at CAP Management!

-Alex Bergeron-