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CAP Management Partners With Touchstone IQ To Provide Best-In-Class Energy Efficiency Advisory Services To Meet Growing Benchmarking Requirements

CAP Management, the leading HOA management firm in Colorado, is partnering with Touchstone IQ to provide energy benchmarking and advisory services in response to new building performance standards. Touchstone IQ is the first full-service energy management solutions provider that blends platform innovation and in-house expertise to help building owners and developers meet shared climate action targets.

“The new benchmarking targets announced this spring by the City of Denver resulted in a multitude of questions from our homeowner associations,” states Brandon Tidwell, the new Chief Sustainability Officer at CAP Management. “We quickly recognized the need for a top-notch partner like Touchstone IQ to deliver counsel and advise our HOAs on what is needed to prepare for the future.”

Homeowner associations with buildings over 25,000 square feet have been required to report their energy use since 2020. However, in 2022, the City and County of Denver announced new targets for 2024, 2027, and 2030, with penalties if multi-family buildings failed to comply. The goal is not to punish communities but incentivize them to invest in making their buildings energy efficient.

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“These requirements will go a long way in helping Denver meet its goal of a 30% reduction in energy savings from the building sector by 2030,” states Jonathan Dierking, CEO and Founder of Touchstone IQ. “We are excited to partner with CAP Management, one of the first HOA management companies we’ve encountered taking a proactive approach to meeting building performance targets established by the City.”

Starting this month, CAP is enrolling all HOAs required to benchmark to the city of Denver in the Touchstone IQ for Buildings software platform. CAP will leverage Touchstone IQ to provide insights and recommendations to improve how HOA’s manage energy and water. Additionally, the Building’s platform offers virtual and onsite ASHRAE[1] audits to help buildings determine the best investments to improve their performance.

“We provide HOA boards with best-in-class service every day to manage their communities more effectively,” states Tidwell from CAP. “Our partnership with Touchstone IQ extends that commitment to help HOAs save money, improve the value of their communities, and address climate change.”

In addition to Denver, the state of Colorado adopted targets in 2021 and required buildings over 50,000 square feet to report their building performance in 2022. With new targets like those in Denver anticipated in 2023, CAP is positioning to become a leading resource statewide for addressing energy efficiency and climate change within homeowner associations.

CAP Management offers a variety of sustainability advisory services to any HOA community facing future targets and energy reduction requirements. To learn more about our services, please contact Brandon Tidwell at

[1] American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, Air-Conditioning Engineers

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